Miguel Cantó

My work is built on the basis of the metaphoric possibilities and symbolic properties transmitted by materials and objects, and relationships or similarities that I establish between them with new meanings and interpretations. The creative process begins with the gathering of salvaged materials, antiques and found objects of various kinds, all of which coexist in the studio as a kind of cabinet of curiosities. This phase is equally important and stimulating as the work itself in the studio.
The development of each work is intuitive, never premeditated: I go where the items lead me. They have their own soul, a former life they have left behind over the years, and thus show the cracks, scars and patina that that life has left them.
My work is to provide a second life to these objects by combining them as an alchemist would, creating visually poetic pieces through assemblage and collage as a means of expression, through which I can tell a story, capture an emotion or transmit a feeling.
Underlying my artistic discourse is a reflection on universal themes such as the pain of the soul, disenchantment, the dual nature of feelings, the romantic myth of fate, the fleeting nature of life and the transient sense of things, the painful feeling of subsidence, of melancholy, of transitoriness, of beauty as ever imperiled, fragile and of evanescent delights.